AI to enhance the relationship with the brand

A futuristic reflection on the current moment of marketing actions focused on artificial intelligence invites us to look

Mar 12, 2020
The end of the omnichannel era

Omnichannel has emerged as one of the main promises of companies to improve the user experience. Basically, the strategy

Mar 11, 2020
How to boost your sales with omnichannel

Searching the internet about a product, buying or trying it in the physical store and then buying through e-commerce is

Mar 09, 2020
Business and brand confidence in the digital age

The perception of trust is falling in the world because of the digital age. Only one in four says that most people can b

Feb 27, 2020
Omnichannel Consumer Payment Transformations

Learn what "livelihood-fit means" versus "livelihood-fit way" means. FIS, a leading provider of payment and loyalty solu

Feb 26, 2020
Hegemony and domination in the life of brands

In the first decades of the last century, the journalist, intellectual and leader of the Italian Communist Party Antonio

Feb 25, 2020
Why do consumers prefer brands that offer omnichannel experiences?

With the continuous advancement of technologies, the ability to offer a pleasant experience on all channels, from the in

Feb 18, 2020
10 omnichannel marketing trends in 2020 that your brand needs to know - Part 2

5. Improvement in the integration of tools One of the great features of omnichannel, which has made a difference, is th

Feb 13, 2020
10 omnichannel marketing trends in 2020 that your brand needs to know - Part 1

2020 is already knocking at the door and leaves behind a year marked by an important appreciation of omnichannel strateg

Feb 12, 2020
Trends to bet on retail in 2020

In the current promising scenario, in order to achieve the expected growth expected, it is important that the sector is

Feb 11, 2020
Geolocated offerings the future of retail marketing

Many people have probably experienced the experience of coming home after a tiring day at work, opening the refrigerator

Feb 10, 2020
5 trends that stood out at the world's largest retail fair

NRF 2020: Retail's Big Show, the largest global retail fair, was attended by world leaders in the sector and Credz was p

Feb 04, 2020
Next payment revolution will be guaranteed by tokenization, says Visa

One of the promises of the Internet of Things is to allow the kind of frictionless experience that new business models b

Feb 03, 2020
The End of the Omnichannel Era?

Basically, the strategy is to allow the customer to make choices based on their buying profile and how they prefer to be

Jan 28, 2020

For physical businesses, it is essential to keep your business premises in order and protect it from thieves and other u

Dec 23, 2019