Digital Customer Experience

Customer loyalty, Personalization and Data

There's no need to say how important a personal touch is in marketing. In e-commerce, personalization is all about

Mar 13, 2020
A whole new dance card for retailers

Customer loyalty is no longer the powerhouse that it once was. In the digital age, consumers expect top-notch customer s

Mar 13, 2020
7 trends that will drive retail in 2020

The NRF - Retail's Big Show, epicenter of the main and fastest discussions about the future of retail, brought together

Mar 10, 2020
The digital consumer

In the past, the consumption relationship was almost unilateral. The only interaction between brand and consumer happene

Mar 05, 2020
Generations Y and Z and the future of customer experience

Nice inContact announced the findings of its study that explores the impact of generations Y and Z on customers' primari

Mar 04, 2020
How to prevent startups from failing? A UX culture can be the answer

After all, what can define whether a startup will succeed in a positive way or not? Well-developed solutions, connected

Mar 03, 2020
An incredible brand management for you

Branding is the management of a brand. All the work done with the goal of making your brand more known, more desired, mo

Mar 03, 2020
SEO for e-commerce: how to make your products stand out in online searches

It may seem a little obvious, but one of a user's first initiatives when deciding to make an online purchase is to searc

Mar 02, 2020
2020 consumer and market behavior

The speed of change is only increasing and consumer and market behavior is already pointing new directions for 2020. To

Feb 25, 2020
Retail giants raise US consumer concerns

In the ups and downs of the unstable process of economic expansion in the USA, the consumer may have been the only consi

Feb 24, 2020
Discover 10 advantages of using chatbot in retail

Increasingly present in all sectors of the economy, innovations involving artificial intelligence are already familiar t

Feb 18, 2020
Check out tips for retailers to approach consumers

Convenience, good service and agility. These three factors will be decisive for the consumer's purchase decision in the

Feb 17, 2020
Last Mile and Consumer Experience

In consumer trends, the last mile is a term used to describe the final step of the product journey before it reaches the

Feb 10, 2020
2020: what to expect for the consumer relationship market

Regarding the changes that we will see from now on in the area of ​​consumer relations, I can guarantee that expecta

Feb 06, 2020
Edge Computing: Edge computing will transform the digital experience

The evolution of computational technology goes through technologies oriented to centralization and decentralization. Bet

Feb 05, 2020