Digital Customer Experience

How to improve the consumer experience

When companies care about consumer welfare, the results only tend to improve.  One of the ways to succeed in this

Aug 21, 2019

In the past, the consumption relationship was almost unilateral. The only interaction between brand and consumer happene

Aug 16, 2019
Trends in Digital Marketing

Digital media, as well as technology and electronic devices, directly affect the dynamics in digital marketing. With eve

Aug 15, 2019
Branding and Performance

It is possible to reconcile branding and performancAccording to a survey by the eMarketer consultancy, the expected grow

Aug 08, 2019
Get ready for the ultra-dynamic consumer

What is the main factor that accelerates the changes in the retail? The technology? According to the unpublished survey

Aug 07, 2019
Brand Impacts in Today's World

The world is changing fast and people want more product and services to choose from. The market has to meet up with thes

Aug 05, 2019
Customer Experience: How to Align Expectations and Reality

We negotiate with many clients every day. The most difficult part is not to price or conduct a presentation with beautif

Aug 02, 2019
Conducting Market and Competitor Research for Your Business Plan

If you’ve been dreaming about your business idea for some time, it might come easy to talk or write about it. Beyo

Jul 31, 2019
Gamification and Customer Experience

According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), the forecast for the growth in demand for global electricity by 2040

Jul 30, 2019
The Digital Customer Experience in Retail 4.0

The Digital Transformation through which people and companies are passing has impacted several aspects of the relationsh

Jul 29, 2019
How to Ensure Customer Experience Delivers Results

Have you stopped buying a product in a store because it was poorly serviced? Already abandoned the shopping cart because

Jul 26, 2019
From Branding To Buyers

We talk about company brand so much in the world of marketing that the word can start to feel slightly meaningless. Ever

Jul 23, 2019
How Brand Marketers Can Develop a Human Insights Listening Culture

If a human insight falls in a consumer forest and nobody is listening… did it really happen? Simply put, listeni

Jul 23, 2019
The place of your company in the consumer's mind

Do you know what place your company occupies in the consumer's mind? This is a very important question for those who wan

Jul 05, 2019
Investment in creativity can change the consumer experience

The customer experience has become homogeneous and technology can now distinguish it. Forrester Research report points o

Jul 01, 2019